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Airtel 5G network

Airtel Kenya has announced the launch of its fifth-generation network (5G) to take advantage of the increasing adoption of 5G devices. Last month, Airtel Kenya announced its intention to expand its network coverage to meet the growing demand for data services in East Africa. With this move, Airtel Kenya joins Safaricom among the network providers that have introduced 5G in the country.…

  • With just $40, customers in Kenya will buy a locally assembled smartphone starting July, 2023.
  • Kenya’s mobile network coverage stands at 89.1 percent and is a key enabler of the country’s digital economy.
  • The government will lay around 52 percent of 100,000km fibre network while the private sector will handle the remaining 48 percent.

Kenya’s telecommunication industry is about to gain a significant boost as the government plans to roll out the first consignment of one million domestically manufactured smartphones. They will roll out the gadgets in two months even as plans on digital transformation and e-commerce gather pace.

Kenya has been at the forefront of East Africa’s digital economy for some time now. Numerous investment opportunities have come up within the East Africa’s biggest economy catching the eye of many investors. 

Transforming telecommunication industry

According to statistics, Kenya’s mobile network coverage stands at 89.1 percent, a wave that is