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  • The AIS 2024 will build on the £6.5 billion deals and £8.9 billion investment commitments achieved at the previous summit held in 2020.
  • Around two billion people under 25 will live in Africa by 2050.
  • 22% of Africa’s working-age population is starting businesses representing the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world.

The UK Prime Minister announced that London will host the African Investment Summit on 23rd-24th April 2024. This initiative aims to benefit Africa and the UK economies by tapping into Africa’s innovative and entrepreneurial minds.
The AIS is a prominent event hosting 24 Heads of State from African countries with British and African Business leaders.

The UK-African Investment summit in 2024

Africa has made significant economic and technological growth strides in the last decade. Today, Africa is renowned as an adequate investment opportunity for those seeking to make billions. The continent hosts seven startups that have attained the stats …