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  • Calls for monetizing natural gas dominated the just concluded Africa Energy Week 2021 in South Africa.
  • AEW 2021 is committed to driving energy sector growth as well as the transition to cleaner sources of fuel.

The African Energy Week 2021 emphasized the role of natural gas in Africa and provided African stakeholders with the opportunity to not only engage in but drove the conversation on natural gas in Africa’s energy future.

Investors and leaders drawn from different parts of the continent campaigned for this noble venture to the respective countries saying that Africa’s natural gas resources potentially can accelerate socio-economic growth and eradicate energy poverty.

Accordingly, many nations are seeking enhanced investment to maximize and monetize resources. As the continent’s premier energy event, African Energy Week (AEW) 2021, aims to build on this momentum, promoting innovative strategies to monetization, addressing challenges hindering development, and charting a way forward for the …