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  • An ongoing diplomatic row in Addis Ababa has prompted the AfDB to withdraw its international expatriates from Ethiopia.
  • At the same time, fears of a possible shift of the African Union’s (AU) headquarters from Addis Ababa to Nairobi have been voiced in response to the worsening political situation and growing violence in Ethiopia.
  • The current scenario in Ethiopia presents significant obstacles for international organizations that operate within the country. 

Circumstances surrounding the AfDB’s withdrawal from Ethiopia

A roiling diplomatic crisis pitting the African Development Bank (AfDB) against authorities in Addis Ababa—the seat of the African Union—has prompted the pan-African lender to relocate its international personnel from Ethiopia in a huff. This hasty decision announced on Wednesday comes months after Ethiopian security forces reportedly mistreated two AfDB staff members in Addis Ababa on October 31, 2023.

Under the direction of a newly designated Officer-in-Charge, the Bank’s Ethiopian office will continue to …

Facebook parent company Meta has a case to answer in an unlawful termination lawsuit leveled against it, a Kenyan Labour Court has ruled. Photo/Reuters
  • Facebook accused of unlawful termination of Kenyan content moderators
  • Kenyan Labour Court rules Facebook parent company Meta has a case to answer 
  • Facebook and Meta’s unlawful termination case follows initial hazardous working conditions lawsuit

Facebook parent company Meta has a case to answer in an unlawful termination lawsuit, a Kenyan Labour Court has ruled.

The lawsuit comes against a backdrop of negative headlines in East Africa ranging from not censoring hate messages in Ethiopia to unlawful termination and hazardous working conditions in Kenya.

The Employment and Labour Relations court in Nairobi stopped the social media giant from ending a contract with a third party that hires hundreds of workers that work in the content moderation division.

At the start of the year, some 260 Kenyans hired as Facebook content moderators in Nairobi were issued termination letters that they claim are without just cause and unlawful. 43 of them moved to …

Ethiopia's economy

Undoubtedly, the return to peace after two years has restored hope Ethiopia’s economy can regain its growth momentum. According to officials, a permanent return to peace will help unlock more than $4bn in frozen funding. The funds will ease a crippling shortage of foreign exchange that plagued the economy even before the war began. Agriculture, the primary sector driving Ethiopia’s economy, should provide the much-needed boost to economic recovery.…