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Energy & Tourism in Senegal and The Gambia
  • The governments of Senegal and The Gambia are tapping on revenue from energy and tourism to grow their economies.
  • Senegal is strategically using energy projects to catalyze the growth and redevelopment of tourism destinations.
  • By leveraging tourism earnings, The Gambia seeks to fuel infrastructure development and catalyze its overall economic growth.
In Senegal and The Gambia, the intersection of the energy and tourism industries presents a unique opportunity for sustainable development and economic growth. The country is strategically utilizing energy projects to not only meet its increasing energy demands but also to catalyze the growth and redevelopment of potential tourism destinations.

Blending energy and tourism sectors in Senegal

A prime example of this synergy is the Sandiara Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which incorporates a gas-to-power and solar facility, positioning itself to power tourism hotspots along the country’s scenic southern coast.

One such destination is Mbodiene, a picturesque fishing village located …