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Impact investing in Africa - The Exchange

Impact investing has been a buzzword for quite some time, but in reality, for most financial professionals, it is still somewhat of a new concept and quite often misunderstood.

Capital deployed with the purpose of generating measurable social or environmental impact has been available for ages; however, attaching an expectation of financial returns demands liability from everyone involved and translates into sustainable projects with a real developmental impact. FurtherAfrica met with Christelle Kupa, a rising star in the African impact investment scene to talk about the market misconceptions and to learn more about how Uhusiano Capital is taking the lead to connect European players with impact investment opportunities in Africa.

Fabio Scala: It’s such a pleasure to see you Christelle. I decided to begin this OpenTalk on a different note as we’ve been friends for a few years now and its no secret that I am a big fan