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Blockchain technology ends fake and counterfeit certificates in South Africa.
  • The South African learning institution report has said it will issue blockchain-based certificates to its graduates in 2022
  • The report further explains that each qualification document given by the University of Johannesburg will have a QR code to verify its authenticity
  • The blockchain-based system is unique because it allows third parties, such as prospective employers, to verify a graduate’s certificate

Africa faces a crisis of insufficiently qualified university graduates, predominantly because of three significant factors. There is a lack of enough universities to administer high school graduates in the continent, a higher preference for overseas education and fake certificates that trash the ability to discern genuine qualifications in the market.

Blockchain technology in University degrees

However, the University of Johannesburg, A university-based in South Africa, has induced blockchain technology in its system to help counter the last setback.

The University has said it will issue blockchain-based certificates to students graduating