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East African gas reserves
  • East African gas has around one-third of the global average carbon content and is extremely low in liquids.
  • Unni Fijaer, Vice President and Tanzania country manager for Equinor adds that the gas is ideal for meeting the world’s energy needs while minimising emissions.
  • Lower carbon levels make East African Coast gas reserves more attractive to investors.

The vast gas reserves off the East Coast of Africa have significantly lower carbon content than the global average. This unique characteristic renders them more attractive to international investors and export markets amid the ongoing energy transition.

A recent panel discussion at the AOW Investing in African Energy event in Cape Town, South Africa, revealed this valuable insight. This underscores the pivotal role of African gas in the evolving global energy landscape.

East African gas reserves cleanest

“The beauty of gas derived from the East Coast of Africa is that it is extremely low …