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  • China signs deal to reopen closed uranium mining site in crisis-hit Niger.
  • Niger further agrees to give Chinese Company an oil pipeline deal.
  • China to build an industrial park for manufacturing, real estate, mining.

China has signed a deal with troubled West African nation of Niger for the reopening of a controversial uranium mining site. Before China, there was France, and now the question is, will Chinese leave Niger in a better condition than the Frenchmen?

China is actually looking to score a broad-based investment deal that will include the construction of an industrial park, and an oil pipeline among other investments. The industrial park is also to be the site for the development of the uranium mine in question or maybe a site for enrichment, the details of the deal are not yet clear.

Niger China uranium mining

Jiang Feng, the Chinese ambassador to Niger, made the revelations recently. …

  • Uganda signed a deal with China under which the China National Nuclear Corporation(CNNC) would assist its endeavours to tap into one of the few Nuclear energy sources in Africa.
  • The first nuclear project, Buyende Nuclear Power Plant, will be located in Buyende, approximately 150 km(93 miles) north of Kampala.
  • Uganda has an estimated 52000 square kilometres of uranium deposits around Buganda, Toro, Ankle and Bunyoro.

Africa takes the next step in its evolution as Uganda announced its plans to generate at least 1000 MegaWatts(MW) from its nuclear power plant by 2031. This lines up with its efforts to identify alternative energy solutions that guarantee faster and more efficient electricity production. Uganda will become one of the few countries to produce nuclear energy in Africa, further boosting its economic growth exponentially.

Uganda first discovered its uranium deposits in 2004, and since then, nuclear power became a valid option for the country.