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  • ChatGPT has a premium version – ChatGPT Plus – that is only accessible for a monthly fee of $20.
  • Open AI termed the release of these new features as a move from an alpha phase to a beta phase, allowing access to over 70 third-party plugins. 
  • The power of the latest AI application has led to the development of AI-created SEO articles.

Open AI’s revolutionary product, ChatGPT, is readying additional features this week which allows more accurate internet search results. This move could power a new wave of subscribers for the AI platform that already has over 100 million users. 


The updates comes even as the firm faces mounting concerns that AI applications could render various jobs obsolete. To counter this, Open AI has set in motion a new approach to technology targeting various industries relying on the power of Artificial Intelligence.

New web browsing and plugins

Open AI

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  • African countries are important producers of initial inputs but do not participate much in intermediary steps required to produce the final product.
  • Fortunately, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can offer solutions across these areas by helping improve operational efficiency by automating mundane tasks.
  • Africa’s manufacturing sector contributes significantly to the continent’s economy, providing employment, generating income, and driving development.

Africa is a continent with an abundance of natural resources and potential for economic growth, yet its manufacturing value chain is still lagging behind other regions in the world. With limited access to capital, technology, and skilled labor, African countries are struggling to keep up with the global competition. In recent years there has been increased focus on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help bridge this gap by providing new opportunities for Africa’s manufacturing sector.

The first step towards leveraging AI in Africa’s manufacturing industry lies in understanding the gaps that need to …