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State of Journalism Survey 2024
  • Survey shows 60% of journalists interviewed indicate that their newsroom lacks an AI use case policy.
  • However, 20% of journalists revealed that they are planning to explore AI’s potential applications.
  • State of Journalism Survey 2024 interviewed 1,106 respondents  across the world.

Media houses are still lagging behind in the push for AI adoption in their line of work with a majority failing to institute AI policies in newsrooms. This is according to a recent survey conducted by Muck Rack delving into the current landscape of journalism, revealing notable trends and concerns among journalists across the industry.

From the findings, 60 per cent of the surveyed journalists indicated that their newsroom lacks an AI use case policy, while only 24 per cent reported having one in place.

This raises questions about whether the absence of policies hinders journalists from exploring AI tools or if other factors, such as a lack of …