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  • Designed using a science-based approach and harnessing new technological innovations, the programme aims to promote long-term tree health, increase biodiversity of flora and fauna, and generate an economic boost for local communities.
  • The reforestation project in Kenya will cover more than 3,500 hectares across six counties in the west of the country, adjacent to the Rift Valley.
  • Aside from Kenya, AZ Forest’s global program, which aims to span 100,000 hectares worldwide targets Ghana and Rwanda.

AstraZeneca is committed to planting and maintaining up to six million trees in Kenya, employing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep learning model to monitor tree health, long-term survival, and carbon sequestration.

This initiative supports climate action, human health, and community resilience. AstraZeneca’s flagship AZ Forest program aims to plant the trees in western Kenya and was announced at COP28. The project builds on the company’s recent expansion of African reforestation initiatives in Ghana and Rwanda.…