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Digital identity

In the heart of Africa, a digital revolution is underway. As the continent stands on the cusp of an unprecedented digital transformation, a new currency is emerging, not in the form of coins or notes but in the unique digital footprints of its people. Digital identities, once an abstract concept, are now becoming the gold standard for Africans, especially in the professional realm.…

Soonami venturethon
  • Soonami will hold its second Venturethon between November 27th and December 3rd, 2023.
  • The Venturethon will provide up to $125000 for teams with ideas and projects that match the investment criteria of Soonami.
  • Soonami also significantly shaped the trajectory of AuditOne, a Web3 security platform.

Africa today is under its greatest revolution, the transition from centralization to decentralization. The concept of web3 is among the primary technologies ushering in the fourth industrial revolution. Since 2009, the web3 industry has accomplished several feats. Among its numerous achievement three stand out: digital ownership from NFTs, digital currency derived from cryptocurrency, and decentralized applications. 

Entrepreneurs, innovators, and developers have managed to apply blockchain technology to several sectors like Agriculture, insurance, and real estate, ushering in a wave of decentralized applications in 2023. This new wave caught the eye of Soonami, a blockchain-based VC firm dedicated to bolstering the global adoption of web3.