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Trophy hunting puts South Africa’s tourism industry in peril. Hunters with their kill.

Trophy hunting is permitted across large swaths of Africa today. Many of the animals hunted and exported for trophies are smaller game, such as impala and warthogs.

Still, most of the revenue generated from commercial hunting comes from the so-called charismatic Big Five: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, and buffalo.

Restrictions on trophy hunting imports have been imposed in the US, Europe, and Australia. At the same time, the UK recently announced that it would “ban imports from thousands of species as part of a wider UK drive on international conservation”.

  • Minister of environment, forestry, and tourism Pohamba Shifeta says the banning of hunting trophy imports by the United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, and Finland may have negative consequences for Namibia and its wildlife
  • A total of 5001 trophy hunters visited Namibia for hunting in 2019. German tourists or hunters were the highest with a total of 1792 (36 per cent)
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