Browsing: World Bank predicts improved investor confidence and credit in Kenya

High Interest Rates
  • Kenya’s National Treasury has been forced to rely on the domestic credit market to finance the budget deficit.
  • In July 2023, the World Bank cautioned Kenya’s government over persistent crowding out of the private sector from the local debt market due to heavy borrowing.
  • In its latest outlook report, the lender says that weaknesses in Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest economies, Nigeria, South Africa and Angola, will limit the region’s growth in 2024.  

The World Bank has revised Kenya’s growth projection upwards to 5.2 per cent even as it anticipates that in 2024, economic growth will be fueled by a rise in private sector credit in the wake of an expected reduction in local borrowing by the state.

The multilateral lender predicts the country’s growth will reach an average of 5.2 per cent, attributing this positive outlook to diminishing inflationary pressures and improved financial conditions.

This rate marks an increase from the …