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South African Airways insists it cannot meet wage increase demand

South African Airways (SAA) said it does not have the financial capacity to meet workers’ eight-percent salary increase demand.

The airline said it could only pay 5.9 percent from March 2020, assuming funds will available at that time.

The strike at the South African Airways is entering its sixth day, due to a dire financial situation. The airline had initially said the action cost $3.4 million a day, though that figure came down as some canceled flights resumed. The resumed flights were to Accra, Lagos, Lusaka, Maputo, Windhoek and Harare.

On domestic flights, the airline worked with Mango Airlines to accommodate as many customers traveling on domestic services and refunding passengers their flights or travel with other airlines. It promised to resume domestic flights, one between Cape Town and Johannesburg and another one between Johannesburg and Durban.

“We call on all our employees to return to work for the sake …