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Zwipe and IDEX Biometrics collaborate on Zwipe Pay ONE platform

The deployment of biometric payment cards in the Middle East and Africa is set to go up.

This is after Zwipe, a Norwegian biometric technology company announced its partnership with Abu Dhabi-based NymCard to launch biometric payment cards in the two regions.

Established in 2009, Zwipe focuses on developing and commercializing secure, fast and easy to use biometric authentication solutions with opportunity for broad application across key verticals like payment, access control and government identification.

NymCard on the other hand is focused on frictionless, transparent and agile card issuance and payments processing services, through a Banking-as-a-Service model.

According to Zwipe, the company uses APIs and modern technologies to carry out notably fast implementations.

NymCard customers

NymCard customers include gig economy, buy now pay later, youth banking, and corporate expense card providers across the MEA region.

The company is further expanding into Asia and Europe.


“In our region, consumers, fintechs, and …