Recession talk hinders copper and steel prices, but that's temporary

The thing about industrial commodities is that they're incredibly cyclical. Because they are used so widely in construction, automobiles and electronics

Worries that the Federal Reserve's war on inflation will tank the economic recovery have caused both copper and steel stocks to fall in price in the short term

But in the long term, the pendulum will swing the other way, especially as both metals are crucial to the U.S. infrastructure revamp and the energy transition away from fossil fuels

Copper makes up a big chunk of Glencore's revenue, and the Swiss company also produces the type of coal used in steelmaking

When Glencore next reports, investors may want to check if it changes production guidance again based on falling copper prices

The largest miner in the world by stock market value, BHP is a major copper producer and sells metallurgical coal

Still, as a large and diversified miner, BHP likely has the cushion needed to ride out a commodities slump. Its shares are down 10.3% so far this year through July 7