Hurricane Ian reminds homeowners to review insurance.

By The Exchange Team

If you're not in the line of Hurricane Ian in Florida, you might be thanking your lucky stars that your house wasn't destroyed.

Nonetheless, you should assess if you are financially prepared if calamity strikes closer to home.

As a homeowner, it's crucial to know which forms of weather-related damage your insurance covers, excludes, or charges a separate, likely higher deductible for.

Some weather-related occurrences are covered under a distinct section with a separate deductible.

Weather-related deductibles can be pricey

In East Coast or Gulf of Mexico states, your policy may have a hurricane deductible. In tornado-prone states, you may have a wind deductible.

Sea levels and storms are increasing the risk of flooding for properties. 15% of homeowners have flood insurance.

Don’t overlook your flood risk

Friedlander stated 80% of Florida homeowners lack flood insurance. Many homeowners won't have insurance against Ian's devastating flooding, he said.