Identity theft is at peak. How to defend yourself?

By The Exchange Team

As per to the Identity Theft Resource Center, identity crime involving government benefits, social media accounts, and other scams rose 36% in 2021.

The good news is that individuals can protect themselves in a variety of ways.

Get the source : Don't respond if you receive an urgent or official-looking e-mail, text message, or direct message on social media.

Tips to Protect Yourself.

 Especially if they ask for account passwords, a Social Security number, or financial account information.

Enable MFA : Multi-factor authentication, sometimes called two-step verification, adds account protection if a fraudster gets your login info.

Account holders shouldn't share their one-time passwords, even if they use two-step authentication.

Use a tough password : Complex passwords prevent account hacking. People don't take simple advice, though. Most dark web passwords are 123456.