These Bank fees might hurt your budget. What to Avoid? 

By The Exchange Team

If you're not careful with your money, you could end up paying expensive bank fees that could have been avoided.

Overdraft or Non-Sufficient fund fees, checking account fees, and ATM fees may eat up your budget.

Avoid Overdraft and NSF fees.

By checking your account balance before initiating transactions, you can avoid overdrawing if a deposited check hasn't cleared.

Checking account maintenance fees.

53% of free accounts waive monthly fees depending on direct deposits, account balances, or transaction activity, or a combination.

Even if an account has a monthly fee, direct deposit may waive it. Check all bank statements and correspondence for fine print.

Out-of-network ATM fees

ATM surcharge costs, which occur when non-customers take money from an ATM and ATM owner Charged a fee, have reached a new high of $3.14.

This can be avoided. Plan where and when to make the withdrawal within the network. Out-of-network ATM fees can pile up rapidly.