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Warren Buffett misses out on a stake in Kenya's gold

American multinational holding company Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffett last week announced the acquisition of a certain percentage of Canadian gold mining company,  Barrick Gold.

The deal saw the shares of Barrick Gold soar by 12% after Warren Buffett’s firm bought a stake in the company. Berkshire Hathaway purchased a 20.9 million-share stake in Barrick Gold, valued at about $564m.

However, as this deal was being announced, another deal was being activated in East Africa. Shanta Gold, the London AIM-listed miner announced that it has completed the acquisition of Canadian miner Barrick Gold’s assets in Kenya at a cost of Sh1.4 billion from three subsidiaries of Barrick.

The three subsidiaries include Acacia Exploration (Kenya) Ltd. Approximately US$55 m invested in exploration activities across West Kenya since 2010 by Acacia Mining Plc and previous owners.

Acacia joined the Kenyan market in 2012 after acquiring Aviva Mining Kenya Ltd. It acquired …

Mining in Tanzania

Barrick Gold Corporation—one of the world’s biggest gold miner, has delivered its first tranche $100 million of the $300 million settlement agreed with the Tanzanian government, regarding the disputes it inherited from Acacia Mining.

According to the miner’s statement, the company’s President and chief executive Mark Bristow, these were landmark events that demonstrated the strength of the partnership the company forged earlier this year through the formation of the jointly owned Twiga Minerals Corporation, which oversees the management of Barrick’s operations in the country.

“This is a striking example of what a true partnership can achieve in building a sustainable business capable of creating long-term value for all stakeholders,” he said.

The settlement tranche originates from the 2017 dispute, where Acacia Mining (Barrick’s subsidiary, taken over last year) was found to be violating several operating procedures, forcing the government of Tanzania to ban the exportation of concentrate.

Hence, the dispute …

Barrick Gold Corporation is back to business with Tanzania, after signing an agreement with the government of Tanzania earlier today in the commercial city, Dar es Salaam.

According to a statement from Barrick, the agreement formalizes the establishment of a joint venture between Barrick and the government and showcasing the government full visibility of and participation in operating decisions made for and by the North Mara, Bulyanhulu and Buzwagi mines.

Barrick finds the latter a rather pioneering move that would take its policy of partnership with its host countries to a new level.

Further, the agreement has ratified the creation of Twiga Minerals Corporation (of which initial establishment began last year), the management company jointly owned by the government and Barrick, overseeing the miner’s local operations.

The corporation is now owned 84 per cent by Barrick and 16 per cent by the government. Also, the deal provides for a 50/50 …

Tanzania has recently lifted its halt on Acacia Mining exporting its gold which was issued on March 3rd 2017.

The leading African gold miner with over 15 years, faced the suspension after Government of Tanzania took a keen eye on its mining operation in North Mara, located in the northern part of Tanzania.

Acacia published a press release on August 9th documenting the good news relayed by the Mining Commission of Tanzania.

“Acacia notes that today it’s North Mara Gold Mine has received a letter from the Mining Commission of the Tanzanian Ministry of Minerals (the “Mining Commission”) authorizing the Company to resume gold exports from North Mara subject to its adherence to the export procedure. The letter follows an investigation which the Mining Commission conducted at the mine on 30 and 31 July 2019 and an earlier letter dated 12 July 2019 from the Mining Commission which …

acacia mining - Tanzania - The Exchange

Acacia Mining Plc has registered a 13 per cent fall in gold production for the first quarter of 2019, attributing the decline to lower output at its North Mara and Buzwagi mines.

The company`s Interim CEO, Peter Geleta said in a statement accompanying the quarterly report that gold production stood at 104,889 ounces , with ounces sold for the quarter standing at 104,985 ounces and in line with production.

Production in the first quarter was affected by unanticipated production issues at North Mara, which produced 66,324 ounces of gold for the quarter, cited as a 14 per cent year-on-year decrease.

The lower output was mainly driven by the consequence of a fall of ground in the Gokona underground mine in December, as well as an excavator breakdown in the Nyabirama open pit.

The fall of ground at Gokona prevented access in the quarter to two higher-grade stopes in the east, …