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As countries across the globe start to lift lock-downs and relax restrictions, there is the natural human impulse to do something to celebrate freedom, survival, hope and a future. Be careful!! As wealth managers many of our clients have asked us how best they can stay safe financially as the world threatens to return to a new normal….. 

Firstly, my own opinion is that medically things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. Government management of the pandemic has been very, very poor nearly everywhere and I expect a large second wave of infections in UK, US and across much of Europe. In Uganda we are only now seeing the first spike and there may be more restrictions ahead. We are certainly NOT home and dry in terms of the pandemic itself.

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Absa bank Kenya Managing Director Jeremy Awori with staff during the official unveiling of the Absa brand in Kenya. The bank has set aside Sh10 billion for women entrepreneurs.

Absa Bank Kenya has announced a Ksh10 billion fund to advance credit to women-owned small and medium enterprises over the next five years.

The kitty comes as part of the new customer value propositions under the Absa brand.

The women fund is part of the bank’s commitment towards advancing diversity and inclusion by empowering women with financial resources and capacity building to grow their businesses.

The money will be availed to women entrepreneurs through the existing banking products including unsecured and secured loans, trade finance, asset finance, property finance and working capital facilities.

“Women form over 50 per cent of the local and global population and account for a significant percentage of the SME sector. However, their participation in the national economic development is often stifled by limited access to financial resources and social-cultural restrictions. We are confident that this proposition, coupled with the additional interventions we continue to make, …