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Kenya advertising media and entertainment

The media and entertainment have seen a shift in favour of individual influencers who are now competing against established companies for advertising revenues.

This growth of micro-influencers has allowed advertisers to target influencers in their niche markets helping to lower advertising costs and maximize their returns.

The report expects the country to be a key driver of media industry revenues in Africa, on account of high internet and smartphone penetration.…

JCDecaux, is looking to tap into Tanzania’s advertising industry through digital out-of-home media.

The firm is among the top  worldwide in outdoor advertising that reaches more than 410 million people on the planet every day.

In a statement, JCDecaux unpacked how the outdoor media industry is rapidly evolving in key geographies around the world and presented customs advertising solutions for local marketing leaders. The outdoor leader introduced digital screens in Tanzania in 2015, changing the urban landscape of Dar es Salaam and enhancing value to advertisers and consumers with a digital network of 13 high quality digital screens.

The JCDecaux roadside digital offering is the out-of-home media’s solution to more agile demands of today’s marketers, offering various bespoke audience solutions enhanced with day-part and dynamic triggered activity to deliver contextual communication to customers.

The digital screens have also been an essential part of beautifying cities and aim to reduce advertising …