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Africa's hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is changing fast. When considering the future hotel experience, you are no longer just looking at a travel destination or a sleepover spot. Hotels of the future must offer more. An ‘augmented hospitality experience’ is what experts are calling it. Thus, stakeholders in Africa’s hospitality industry must explore ways to adapt.…

AI in Africa 1
  • Digital switchover: Successful businesses do not just use digital, they become digital.
  • African youth face a gloomy future if not empowered through systems riding on digital economy 
  • There is a need for increased political will for Africa to tap into power of digital shift in accelerating growth

The concept “digital transformation” has gained popularity in the business sector, but what does it actually mean? Successful companies embrace digital technology and transform into it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a weird sci-fi movie but a real game change for companies and entire countries. “Today, all digital transformations are AI transformations, too” so if your company is talking about digital transformation, it should also be talking AI.

It should be noted that digital transformation is not just buying a few new computers or installing a program so persons in a company can communicate, share information, and exchange data, etc, No. Digital …

  • An estimated 90 percent of African women do not use the internet, UNICEF reveals.
  • UNICEF report says millions of girls are less prepared for the digital revolution in Africa.
  • Governments in Africa urged to increase women’s safety online

While the digital revolution is believed to be reducing gender inequality globally, in Africa, the internet is largely a preserve of men. According to UNICEF, up to 90 percent of African women do not use the internet yet their male peers are twice as likely to be online.

Titled “Bridging the Digital Divide: Challenges and an Urgent Call for Action for Equitable Digital Skills Development” the survey warns that girls in Africa “are being left behind in the digital world and are the least likely to have the opportunities to develop the skills needed for 21st-century learning and employment.”

Girls less likely than boys to access internet

Released on the International Day …

June Njoroge.Could AfCFTA be the Answer to Africas Poverty Struggle Article.Caption AfCFTA could help lift millions of Africans out of poverty.Source UN News.

The report indicated that AfCFTA has the potential to attract greater FDI, required for Africa to diversify into new industries such as agribusiness, manufacturing and services. The report projects that this could create 18 million new jobs by 2035, with 2.5 per cent of the continent’s workers moving to new industries. In addition, more significant FDI could raise Africa’s exports to 32 per cent by 2035, with intra-African exports growing by 109 per cent, especially in the manufactured goods sectors. All countries will record an intra-African export increase, such as Tunisia by 165%, Cameroon by 144%, Ghana by 132%, Tanzania by 126% and South Africa by 61%.

Breaking trade barriers will increase investment and export sectors likely to grow the most: textiles and apparel, rubber, chemical and plastic products, and processed foods. Deeper integration would lower trade costs and boost capital inflows, bolstering exports from service sectors such as communication, …