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Kenyan private hydropower scheme receives PE finance

Mauritius based Tembo Power a limited liability company developing power generation projects across sub-Saharan Africa has reached out to South Africa based PE financier Metier for the construction of Kaptis project, a 14.7 MW run of a river hydropower project in Kenya.

This agreement now allows the partners to appoint lenders and prepare for financial closing, expected this year, and to start construction.

“Tembo Power is delighted to partner with Metier, a reputable and experienced infrastructure fund manager in Sub-Saharan Africa, supported by the main development finance institutions active in the renewable energy field, ” noted Raphael Khalifa, Founder, Tembo Power.

“Such agreement demonstrates the thoroughness of Tembo Power’s development approach, its compliance with the most stringent international standards, and paves the way for extended collaboration with Metier and other key players in the industry.”

Tembo Power started the development of Kaptis (14.7 MW), in Western Kenya, in 2013 after …