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  • In an escalation of geopolitical tension, Russia has pulled a power move, ending the Black Sea Gran Initiative. To what extent does this decision threaten food security in Africa? 
  • Collapse of the deal will drive inflationary pressure on grain prices, especially in countries heavily reliant on imports, experts warn.
  • Currently, Africa is facing biting food shortage as inflation fueled by high food and fuel prices grips economies.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative, a deal that allowed the export of Ukrainian agricultural produce especially grains through the Black Sea, has collapsed following the withdrawal of Moscow from the agreement. For those unaware, the Black Sea Gran Initiative, was negotiated by Turkey and the United Nations in July 2022.

The deal, up to Monday July 24th, was allowing ships to carry fertilizer and agricultural products from three Ukrainian ports. It let ships to sail through strictly mapped routes, to avoid mines and …

The Russia-Africa Summit 2023
  • The second Russia-Africa Summit is underway in St Petersburg, Russia.
  • The first Russia-Africa summit in 2019 culminated in the signing of 92 agreements, worth over $11 billion.
  • Russia is looking to maintain major trade deals with Africa—a market of 1.3 billion people.

The second Russia-Africa Summit is currently underway in St Petersburg, Russia. This crucial summit taking place on 27th and 28th July has left tongues wagging in the West. The summit has the potential to either further isolate Russia globally or turn the tide and see Africa back Moscow.

How the summit plays out will have very significant outcomes in the determination of the ongoing geopolitical shifts.

$11Bn worth of deals in 2019 Russia-Africa summit

In 2019, Russia and a score of African leaders met for the first Russia-Africa Summit which culminated in the signing of 92 agreements, worth over $11 billion. This time around, with Africa facing a …

View on Moscow Kremlin Wall and Moscow River Embankment, Russia. The Russia-Africa Summit will be held in St. Petersburg in November.

An additional advantage is that African government representatives and heads of many international organizations work in this city.

South Africa and Egypt, as possible alternatives, were thoroughly discussed as South Africa and Russia are members of BRICS, and Egypt has excellent post-Soviet relations.

Reminding that the first summit held in Sochi was co-chaired by President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who also rotationally during that year headed the African Union.

The large-scale Russia-Africa summit, held in Sochi in October 2019, and described as the first of its kind in the history of Moscow’s relations with Africa, attracted more than 40 African presidents, as well as the heads of major regional associations and organizations. …