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AfricInvest and Cathay Innovation Finalise Final Close of €110M Pan-African Venture Fund

The Fund’s portfolio firms have also generated substantial impact at scale in recent years, reaching over 136 million Africans with inclusive and digital solutions.

For every dollar spent, more than one user on the continent benefits from the investment.

The Fund has been responsible for creating and maintaining approximately 1,400 direct employment with its current portfolio, and women make up an average of 35% of the workforce.

The Fund will support African entrepreneurs in their efforts to scale the breakthrough technologies they have developed across Africa and beyond. Additionally, the Fund will continue to support global entrepreneurs in their efforts to expand their businesses into Africa

Africa’s private equity landscape continues to attract investment. The operating environment, albeit still turbulent, continues to improve. Granted, the pace of improvement is higher in some countries than others, but overall there is promise of a conducive climate for business. 

The enabling environment, coupled with the accelerated digital infrastructure growth, inspires momentum in the private sector contributing to the growing middle class. This will, in turn, lead to improved employment opportunities.