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Huawei makes up almost 70 per cent of 4G networks across different regions throughout the continent. As such, it has played a significant role in Africa’s digital transformation through its various establishments. Among its many endeavors within the country, it has gone beyond Africa’s mobile industry and is a vital player in establishing multiple telecommunication posts.…

Nigeria Telcos
  • Nigeria’s telecommunication sector has attracted a total investment of $75.6 billion since 2021.
  • Kenya’s Safaricom is also among the success stories highlighting Africa’s true potential in the telcom industry.
  • Today, there are over 270 million active mobile users in Africa.

Experts in Africa’s mobile industry are ready to crown a new king of the continent after investments in Nigeria’s telecommunication industry hit $75.6 billion since 2021. Aside from dominating Africa’s blockchain ecosystem, Nigeria is leading Africa’s steady digital transformation given its high adoption rate.

Africa is undergoing digital transformation, often times trailblazing the world. Todays era is bringing in innovations in several industries, but none have profited like Africa’s telecommunication industry. During the early stages of Africa’s “Digital” era, many telecoms embraced new technology that would connect and support new talent in Africa.

Africa’s growing telecom industry

According to Mordor Intelligence, Africa’s telecommunication industry will register 11.2 percent growth between …

  • The concept of storing, receiving, and sending money despite geographic area paved the way for decentralized currencies
  • Mobile money’s remarkable success and high adaptability rate is a core secret behind Africa’s immense mobile industry
  • Various governments, such as Nigeria, have taken advantage of its rapid smartphone adoption and implemented a digital National ID system

Various companies’ and organizations’ innovations and struggles have paved the way for Africa’s digitalization. Today, Africa is renowned for its technological prowess and high rate of local talent who have showcased their technical prowess.

Many individuals need to realize that one key attribute that has led to the rapid growth of Africa’s digital economy is its Mobile Industry. The innovations of the smartphone have birthed plenty of new jobs today, benefit not only itself but other industries as well.

Here is a deep dive into one of the fastest-growing industries within the continents’ ecosystem; the Mobile

Blockchain and e-commerce
  • Blockchain is one of the pioneer technologies leading the 4th Industrial revolution alongside AI. It has proven its compatibility with Africa’s diverse economy.

  • According to Statista, the total economic revenue drawn from E-commerce within Africa exceeded their initial estimate of $16.5 billion and at an all-time high of $37.77 billion. 

  • Individually blockchain and E-commerce have revolutionized Africa’s digital world. Although combined, they ensure rapid efficiency and improvement in Africa’s digital economy.

Over the past decade, Africa has relatively gone through a slow but steady metamorphosis within its overall economy. The upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution has shifted young African entrepreneurs’ minds. Long gone are the days when Africa is only recognized for its agriculture as the continent steps into a headstrong digital age.

E-commerce has thrived within Africa’s borders, having organizations like Jumia, which achieved its unicorn status simply from its endeavours within Africa. E-commerce is a thriving economy slowly but

  • Vodafone Group developed a business tailor-made to deal with Africa’s rising digital economy
  • Etisalat, Vodafone’s largest shareholder, is currently exploring options for investment in Vodacom Africa.
  • A decision to divest assets in a specific market or sell a stake in Vodacom Africa to fund new projects is also on the table

Vodafone Group is mulling strategies of extracting more value from its 65% stake in Vodacom Africa. According to Bloomberg, the telco is working with several advisers to evaluate the various strategic options available including mergers and acquisitions. A decision to divest assets in a specific market or sell a stake in Vodacom Africa to fund new projects is also on the table With the recent decline in Vodacom Africa and its market value in Safaricom, the organization is considering other alternatives.

This new take is crucial given that Vodafone has acquired new interested investors. Liberty Global, Xavier Niel,

  • BuuPass provides its users with a Bus management system for managing their operations, inventory and sales.
  • Over the years BuuPass online booking has amassed a total fleet size of 1200 vehicles from over 25 bus companies.
  • Africa’s transport service greatly benefits from BuuPass, allowing smooth operations and services.

Africa’s digital economy has opened doors for every kind of innovation. From shopping through your phone to ordering meals, Africa’s digital revolution has taken the world by storm. Buupass is an online ticket booking platform that has steadily taken over as Kenya’s transport service. On February 13th 2023, BuuPass announced its intent to expand as it raised Sh162.8 million($1.3 million). This will essentially expand its operation from Kenya to Uganda.

BuuPass has taken the initiative and steadily used Africa’s Digital Economy and the Mobile Industry in Kenya to stretch its services beyond everyone’s expectations.

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