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Taking charge of mental health

In 2017, Kenya was named among the top six destinations where African nationals visit seeking high-end specialised medical services.

It is this status that propels the country to invest heavily in its health sector in a bid to improve its state, so it can attract more medical tourists from the continent.

According to a report dubbed Tourism for Transformative and Inclusive Growth, medical tourism -- cross-border travel for medical purposes, including for medical services and elective procedures -- is an emerging market segment that has expanded in recent years in several African countries, notably Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia.

This is a sector that the Aga Khan Development Network is also looking to build on in East Africa. The The Aga Khan Hospital, in Dar es Salaam for instance was established in 1964, as a multispecialty 74-bed hospital offering quality health care for the people of Tanzania.…