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Uganda Tourism board partners with Agribusiness Enterprises

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) through its Tourism product development and diversification programme, partnered with Uganda’s Agribusiness enterprises to support the development and promotion of Agro- Tourism in the country.

So as to boost the tourism sector and cushion it through multi-sectoral collaborations, the board will focus on the development of Agro-Tourism products and services, support, create awareness and facilitate Agribusiness and Tourism stakeholders.

The board opted to tap into opportunities availed by other sectors such as Agriculture, Health, Manufacturing having analyzed the impact of the pandemic on the country’s tourism sector so as to boost tourism as it co-exists with almost every sector of the economy.

Uganda Tourism Board Chief Executive Officer Lilly Ajarova praised the merge saying that it will be a great breakthrough towards exploring possible opportunities for developing Agro-tourism in Uganda and also to raise extra income for people involved in tourism.

‘’Tourism and Agriculture both …