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Greater African unity amongst the 1.3 billion people, spread across 54 countries with diverse cultures, languages, and sizes, has been an aim for decades to facilitate economic, social, and political progress.

Ironically, the desire to strengthen bonds between Africans doesn’t stop at the continent’s shores. Instead, it extends to those who are part of the African diaspora -people of African origin living outside the continent who are willing to contribute to Africa’s development.

In the past, contributing to the development of Africa in a meaningful way required members of the diaspora to return home. A difficult transition that many were reluctant to make. However, today, technology presents new opportunities for the African diaspora to impact the continent without moving. And the Sweden-based startup, Bantaba hopes to lead the charge.

The Community-centered platform that will foster innovation in Africa by enabling start-ups to access diaspora’s resources was launched in an online …

Bantaba Platform

Access to finance has been one of the many challenges that African start-ups have been grappling with.

Bantaba, a platform that enables Startups in Africa to access talent and capital from the diaspora community by creating a link between Diaspora and African Start-ups has moved to bridge this gap.

The platform which looks to help boost African businesses leveraging technology to address the continent’s various challenges (tech based businesses) – fintech, healthtech, ecommerce, logistics, software, agriculture to investors.

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“Entrepreneurs can access Bantaba’s services by signing-up to our platform. The sign-up can be done on our website: BANTABA. When registering, the Startups will be able to describe what problems they are solving, what impact their solution is having on the community and more importantly what their needs are in terms of talent and capital.” Said Co-Founder & CEO of Bantaba, Lamin …