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If you are reading this in East, Central, North or Southern Africa, you have probably heard these hit songs “Number One”, “Waah”, “Nana”, and “Jeje” performed by Diamond Platnumz.

Tanzania as another country in Africa with plenty of music potential has seen its very own raw talent, Diamond Platnumz raising the country’s flag with his unique and eccentric Bongo-Flava hits, but also drawing more receipts probably more than any other artist in Tanzania’s history.

The East African country has produced more successful musical talents including AY, MwanaFA, Lady JayDee and Ali Kiba to mention a few. However, Diamond Platnumz has become a shiny icon that has drawn more accolades to the table, from MTV awards, Future Awards, South African Music Awards, BET Awards, and Tanzania Music Awards.

The Tanzanian best male artist has been in the industry for more than ten years as of now he has pinned the music …