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Waste is wealth, at least for a handful of youth who know how to transform garbage into decent money-churning activities.  At present Tanzania is growing fast; its cities (such as Dar es Salaam) are recognized by the United Nations and Africa’s biggest lender—the World Bank—as the fastest-growing cities in the region.  This means more economic activities expansion, more waste generated hence, the potential for waste recycling business.   

That is why Arena Recycling—an environmental-related startup, based in Dar es Salaam (a waste generation hotbed)—is rewriting waste management in Tanzania. 

The start-up is one of the few initiatives that work along the waste recycling line. Their efforts—which are executed with utmost ingenuity, tend to offer the best environmental solutions that youth can offer, as the world, and Dar es Salaam being no exception, is faced with unprecedented environmental perils. 

Waste landscape in Tanzania 

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