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Greenfield Terminal JKIA

Launched as a cornerstone of Vision 2030, Jomo Kenya International Airport’s (JKIA) Terminal 3 project, dubbed the “Greenfield Terminal”, had initially set hopes high. With a projected cost of US$650 million, the project aimed to augment the airport’s capacity by 20 million passengers. However, this dream was short-lived as the project, which commenced in 2014, abruptly stopped two years later.…

Mota Engil comeback to Bugesera airport construction deal

Rwanda’s government is considering signing a concession agreement with Mota Engil Africa, as a technical partner in the construction of the Bugesera International Airport.

Rwanda seeks to mobilise its portion of the $1.3 billion needed to expedite works in the deal.

Mota Engil signed a contract in 2016 with the government of Rwanda to construct the new Bugesera International Airport, where it took 75 per cent of the stake while Rwanda’s government retained 25 per cent.

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According to the contract, Mota Engil was to build and operate the airport for 25 years, with an option of extending for more 15 years to recoup its investment.

In 2019 December, turn of events saw the government signing off a new deal with Qatar Airways which in turn pushed out Mota Engil.

In the deal, Qatar Airways took 60 per cent of stake in …