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Cellulant Partners with Orange Money for Wallet Transfers in Botswana.

Customers can also buy airtime and access other mobile network operator services using their Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards through Tingg, Cellulant’s digital payments platform.

Tingg by Cellulant is at the forefront of ensuring digital financial solutions are available across the continent. Tingg, which integrates 211 banks in Africa, is a one-stop payment aggregator for multinational corporations, mid-caps, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Tingg enables merchants to receive, view and reconcile all their payments through a single platform or their system by integrating Tingg’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple providers’ payments and, in the case of mobile money, mobile network operators (MNOs) and banks.…

Payments have historically been a complex problem for African businesses and the banks serving them.

For this reason, companies need to collaborate with many partners to process the numerous types of payments that customers use. This is necessary since each nation prefers a different group of payment alternatives.

Card payments, an area in which banks perform exceptionally well, have a shallow level of penetration, which presents a challenge for banks considering the size of the population without a bank account and the popularity of mobile money.…

  • Jambojet Jambojet and Pan-African payments company Cellulant have partnered to award customers over 600 discount vouchers, each worth KSh 3,000 ($25.6)
  • The regional carrier said the vouchers would be available to all customers that sign up for Jambojet Rewards, the Jambojet loyalty program
  • Jambojet Managing Director and CEO Karanja Ndegwa said that over 70 per cent of their customers book their tickets online and pay for their tickets using mobile money

Kenyan-headquartered low-cost airline Jambojet Jambojet and Pan-African payments company Cellulant have partnered to award customers over 600 discount vouchers, each worth KSh 3,000 ($25.6).

In a statement, the regional carrier said the vouchers would be available to all customers that sign up for Jambojet Rewards, the Jambojet loyalty program.

Jambojet has flown over 5 million passengers since its inception in 2014, and in April launched Jambojet Rewards, a loyalty program where customers earn points each time they fly Jambojet. …

The instant currency exchange service offered by Grey enables its customers to have virtual international bank accounts for free, helping small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, and content creators in Kenya to enjoy a seamless payment process.

Today, thousands of young Kenyans access work opportunities through digital platforms in a rapidly growing gig economy.

The online gig economy is fuelled by a burgeoning young workforce, internet and smartphone penetration, and mobile money proliferation. With Africa having the youngest workforce yet with high unemployment rates, online gig work provides alternative and accessible employment opportunities and a path to economic prosperity for the youthful workforce.…

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Cellulant Corporation – the pan-African technology company based in Kenya is known for developing revolutionary technologies to empower African commerce. Such a technology include blockchain-based Agrikore and Tingg, which are now being used across Africa as well as being imported to countries like Afghanistan.

These technologies have empowered Africa’s agriculture sector in the assurance to leverage on technology to help block inefficiency and wastages in Africa’s agricultural value chain courtesy of its improved payment and marketplace solutions, Tingg and Agrikore.

The Agriculture market in Africa, despite its $330billion size in 2015 and projected to grow to $1Trillion by 2030 is not organized. Agrikore provides this on its block-chain core. It makes this wealth addressable & accessible to all through a comprehensive system consisting of the technology, business processes, and operating models that deliver a systematic organization of the actors in Agriculture in a manner that is extremely de-risked and investable …

Cellulant’s Agrikore platform – an online marketplace for smallholder farmers, agricultural input and produce traders is tapping into Africa’s emerging Agritech market valued at €5.3 billion (US$5.9 billion) according to a new report by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and Dalberg Advisors.

This comes as 94 per cent of the continent’s emerging Agritech market remains untapped, according to the survey.

The State of Digitalisation of Agriculture in Africa 2019 report identifies online marketplace solutions such as Agrikore as significant use cases of how digital tools are being built to tackle major challenges of attracting and retaining a significant number of buyers and sellers, and in thus doing, help to solve the problem of inefficient and fragmented agricultural markets.

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The Agriculture market in Africa is projected to grow to US$1trillion by 2030. It continues to be …