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The DRC investment summit is a creative tool used by the nation to attract global investment stakeholders. According to the summit organizers, the summit brings together international investors, businesses, developers, and policymakers to attract and retain investment, as well as discuss trends that influence economic growth in the DRC.

DRC is arguably one of Africa’s richest countries in terms of natural resources, but it still ranks lower in investment performance.

Furthermore, DRC’s Human Capital index is 0.3 percent below the SSA average of 4 percent.

DRC has the world’s third-largest human population of impoverished people, which the WB argued remains widespread and is increasing due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.…

The search for Congo’s cobalt has shown how the clean energy revolution has taken a turn. It is to save the planet from rising temperatures in an age of enlightened self-interest. But it has become mired in a familiar cycle of exploitation, greed, and deception. This often benefits Africa little or not at all.

On November 24, 2021, a group of G7 countries, including Japan and the US made a decision. They stated they will withdraw crude oil from their Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (SPR). The SPR was an underground salt tank in Utah, turned into a recession and warproof facility. It was in reaction to the twin World Trade Center explosions on September 11, 2001.…

For many in Africa, the concept of an electric vehicle is still new, by the time these futuristic automobiles become popular in Africa, land rights in the Congo may very well be buried deep in the cobalt mines.

 Did you know, the Democratic Republic of the Congo produces more than half of the world’s supply of cobalt? You probably did not, neither did I. Here is another fun fact, did you know cobalt is the mineral that powers your phone battery, your laptop battery and most all your rechargeable batteries?

I bet you were also not aware that this bluish mineral that is found in a dull brownish ore of dirt is used in hospital labs for imaging, for cancer radiotherapy and even for sterilizing medical equipment.

Cobalt is also in the component that stores solar energy in the solar panels that have now become popular solution to Africa’s energy …