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Insects could feed all the population in the World.
  • World Bank reports that insect farming could provide over 14 per cent of the crude protein needed to rear all the pigs, fish, poultry and goats in Africa
  • Dorte Verner, a Lead Economist at World Bank, says that it is possible to feed all people in the world with nutrient-rich insects and decrease the environmental impact of food and agriculture
  • The population of Africa could hit 2.53 billion people by 2050, and the demand for food and protein would increase significantly, which the current linear food system might not satisfy

Most people see insects as ugly, dirty and irritating creatures that are only good at transferring germs. However, according to the World Bank, insects farming could answer Africa’s poverty, hunger and ecological crisis.

Despite their dirty nature, insects have a pack of great nutritional value, and the world could use them to tackle malnourishment in the continent, especially in children.…