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Main contractors are pushing out specialised subcontractors from the industry by performing tasks that would otherwise be handled by the latter.

In an Exclusive interview with The Exchange, contractors from the Architects Association Tanzania (AAT) who attended the 10th AAT Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Seminar that was held in Dar es Salaam said, the specialised contractors are not getting any work because when the main contractor is hired they push do perform work that would be done by the specialised contractors.

If you are wondering what am talking about it because you probably already got swindled by a main contractor.

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You see, the main contractor is the guy you give the ‘main’ job, lets say, to construct the house, the specialised contractor is the guy who comes to do the fine finishing after the construction is done. They handle the ceiling …


For over two months now, companies in Tanzania are holding back contractors and supplier payments blaming it on a lack of funds due to the global coronavirus crisis.

Chinese companies are particularly in the spotlight with suppliers complaining of delayed payments for goods delivered and services done. In an exclusive with this paper, an aggregate mine operator (name withheld) said payments due to the company from Chinese companies are still pending two months down the road.

This is the exact scenario that the government tried to evade when it throughout the Central Bank, Bank of Tanzania, it released a stimulus package to cushion the economy to ensure business stay liquid and are able to make all due payments.

It is not far fetched to think companies are taking advantage of the ongoing health crisis not to pay their debts or even government taxes and fees. I mean, non performing loans …