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Slums in Kenya - The Exchange

Global emphasis on ‘stay at home’ orders has affirmed the strategic position of housing as the frontline defence against spread of the novel coronavirus.

Having a roof over your head has never before been critical in providing protection against contracting and spreading a virus as it is now.

Housing is today helping to keep many from the deadly bug by allowing populations meet essential requirements like physical distancing and quarantine for those infected in COVID-19.

In Kenya, where fixing housing deficit is still a pipe dream, many households are exposed to the dangers of the pandemic especially the poor living in informal settlements.

Currently, the recommended social distancing is a mirage, an unimaginable luxury for slum dwellers who live in already crowded areas where large families are forced to share a single and quite smaller rooms.

For instance, picture out how two-thirds of 4.4 million would achieve social distancing on …