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d.light's clean cookstove
  • Global verification body Verra certifies d.light’s clean cookstove projects in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.
  • Initiative to distribute 600,000 clean cookstoves, which are now verified by leading certifiers as a trusted source of high-quality carbon credits.
  • Launched in 2022, these projects have already positively impacted over one million lives and are on track to transform the lives of three million people by 2025. 

d.light’s clean cookstove initiatives

In a landmark move that helps advance the journey towards sustainable development and environmental health in Africa, d.light, a firm that provides innovative solutions for low-income households, has achieved a milestone with its projects receiving certification from Verra as a trusted source of high-quality carbon credits.

This certification marks d.light’s clean cookstove initiatives in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda as crucial players in the voluntary carbon markets (VCMs), aiming to reduce carbon emissions, combat indoor air pollution, and curb deforestation.

Addressing environmental challenges, and earning

Chapel Hill Denham
  • d.light and Chapel Hill Denham have closed $7.4 million in securitized financing to fund off-grid solar expansion in Nigeria
  • The financing by Chapel Hill Denham’s Nigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund aims to scale up d.light’s low-cost pay-go offering of affordable, solar-powered products targeted at low-income households.
  • This transaction signifies a pivotal stride in sustainable infrastructure investment in Nigeria, says Bolaji Balogun, CEO of Chapel Hill Denham.

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