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The South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association (AMD) ( is currently playing an important yet largely unsung role in South Africa’s economy and civil society, with enormous potential to drive positive change even further.

This is according to Sandile Ndlovu, Interim Executive Director: AMD, who explains, “The AMD is a grouping of South African aerospace and defence registered entities whose focus is in high technology capabilities including the design, development, testing, evaluation, manufacturing, operating, upgrading, maintenance, repair and overhaul of air (including space) & sea (i.e. maritime & naval) platforms and their sub-systems – including items that are regarded as “dual-use” for purposes both locally and abroad.

This critical arena requires a special and unique level of government support that is not necessarily pertinent to other local business arenas.

“Around the world, the value of a country’s defence sector to its economy is enormous. It exists to provide …