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EU-Egypt Strategic partnership
  • The three-year EU-Egypt strategic partnership aims to facilitate economic reforms and avert a migration crisis within the region.
  • The triennial agreement represents the latest endeavour by the bloc to prevent refugees from traversing the Mediterranean.

EU-Egypt strategic partnership

EU leaders have finalised a deal worth $7.4 billion with Egypt to bolster the nation’s struggling economy. This move seeks to foster stability within the “troubled” region and prevent a new European migration crisis.

The three-year EU-Egypt strategic partnership includes $5 billion in soft loans to facilitate economic reforms, $1.8 billion to encourage private sector investments, and $600 million in grants. Of these grants, $200 million is allocated for migration management.

Following months of intense and productive diplomatic engagement between the EU and Egypt, six EU leaders journeyed to Cairo on Sunday, as stated by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.”

The visit occurred just days following allegations by members of the European …

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Digital disinformation is becoming an increasingly common feature of Africa’s political landscape.

Africa’s technological space has grown exponentially over the past decade, largely driven by the increased access to mobile devices and internet.

The number of mobile phone users in Africa, 650 million, outnumbers the population of the United States or Europe.

How Africans are using mobile phones

Mobile phone use has increased exponentially as more people in African countries own a cell phone than clean water, a bank account or power.

Communication, radio listening, money transfers, online purchasing, and social media networking are all done via mobile phones in Africa. Many of the disparities between urban and rural areas, as well as the wealthiest and poorest, have been reduced or eliminated.

Similarly, internet prices are coming down while speeds are going up.

With high internet speeds, it is easy for anyone looking, or even sometimes not looking to stumble …