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  • The strategic manoeuvrings of the United States in the DRC’s cobalt mines serve as an international yardstick for how well it can balance economic aspirations with ethical imperatives.
  • The DRC has become embroiled in a complicated geopolitical chess game, and it is no longer merely a national asset but a worldwide commodity.
  • The strategic importance of cobalt from the Congo to the United States exemplifies the necessity for a multifaceted solution that upholds human dignity in the workplace, safeguards natural resources, and encourages economic resilience.

Conspicuously rising to critical importance on a global scale, cobalt has been overshadowed by the world’s precious metals. Although it is sometimes overlooked in resource talks in favour of its more glamorous cousins, gold and oil, this silvery-blue element—a byproduct of copper and nickel mining—is an essential component of modern technology.

Nevertheless, it is a mineral of the future because it powers electronic devices such …

Macron in DrC
  • Crucial mining sector and infrastructural projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will receive an initial investment of €50 million euros from the European Union 
  • This is in line with EU’s Essential Raw Minerals Act, which aims to secure crucial raw resources like lithium, cobalt, manganese, and rare earths required for electric vehicles and wind turbines
  • DRC’s economy is growing, with 6.1% GDP growth expected in 2022 and 6.7% expected this year, according to the most recent IMF data

The crucial mining sector and infrastructural projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will receive an initial investment of €50 million euros from the European Union.

The investment was revealed at the inaugural Kinshasa Economic Forum, which included representatives from France, the EU, and the DRC.

French President Emmanuel Macron was in attendance together with the European Commissioners for the Internal Market and International Partnerships, Thierry Breton and Jutta …

Nickel battery set for a car. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a favourable destination for the manufacturing of sustainable battery materials used in high-nickel batteries.

Precursor material produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) could be cost-competitive with material produced in China and Poland but with a lower environmental imprint.
If cathode precursor materials (the intermediate material between raw and finished cathode material) were produced in the DRC, Poland would handle the production of cathode materials and cells, and Germany would handle the final pack assembly, emissions associated with battery production could be reduced by 30% compared to the current supply chain that runs through China.
The DRC’s proximity to cathode raw materials and its reliance on hydroelectric power plants give it an edge in this production.…

Regional carrier Jambojet has commenced operations to North Kivu Province Capital, Goma in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, to become the first low-cost carrier to fly the route, and also the only direct flight between Nairobi and the Eastern DRC city.

In a statement, the airline said it will be flying twice, on Monday and Friday, from its hub at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, to Goma International Airport. This is set to increase to 4 times weekly, as demand grows.

Jambojet Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Karanja Ndegwa, said flying to Goma is one step towards growing Jambojet’s footprint in Africa.

“We are excited about the growth prospects in the region. We have an ambitious plan to grow our network, and we are proud to be the first low-cost airline to venture into this route,” said Karanja.

Jambojet currently flies to 6 destinations including Mombasa, …