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Free Trade in Africa (Dailysabah)

Africa remains one of the regions with the greatest growth potential in the world with African organisations focusing their growth strategies beyond borders. With these growth strategies come complex new risks which demand sophisticated cross-border insurance solutions. Doing business between different African countries means that all involved need comprehensive cross-border insurance, as this can protect operations by covering all potential risks that may arise between different legal frameworks. DLA Piper’s Luc Bigel and Hamza Akli share insight on Africa’s challenges in this regard and how to structure an efficient, cost-effective insurance programme for cross border risks.

What are the main challenges to trade in Africa, particularly with regard to potential business loss?

We believe there are two main challenges, depending on the situation in which the investor or partner finds themselves. The first is that of solvency. Indeed, in many African countries there is an obligation to use local players …