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  • In the past 10 years, DP World has solidified its presence in over 40 countries, including in nearly 10 ports in Africa, boosting the continent’s blue economy.
  • Senegal is one of the biggest beneficiaries of DP World overseas investments in ports.
  • In June, Tanzania engaged DP World to run two berths in the Port of Dar es Salaam.

DP World, one of the largest marine terminal operators is assuming a bigger role Africa’s blue economy. In the past 10 years, the Dubai based multinational has solidified its presence in over 40 countries, including nearly 10 ports in Africa. 

With every eye gunning for Africa’s vast natural resources, what role is DP World playing in advancing Africa’s blue economy? The blue economy is one of the oldest economic activities by human beings. Blue economy encompasses a wide range of sectors, including fisheries and aquaculture, maritime transport, renewable energy (such as offshore

dar port
  • Dubai-based logistics giant DP World will be given berths five to seven in the Port of Dar es Salaam to manage. The move comes as rising number of ports in Africa go private as governments seek to boost import/export trade.
  • Tanzania plans to increase the port’s revenue collection by 233.7 per cent over the next 10 years under the DP World deal.
  • The port handles various types of cargo, including containers, bulk cargo, and petroleum products for Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, and Uganda.

The port of Dar es Salaam, which the World Bank has labelled East Africa’s busiest and most modern, could see its fortunes rise following a deal by Tanzania with DP World to manage and develop it even further.

The Dubai-based logistics multinational DP World has entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with Tanzania for the development of one of the vital harbours in East Africa.

Private sector infusing

DP World Luanda offers customers the use of a new digital tool for monitoring and managing the cargo sent to the Multiusos Terminal. Named Cargoes Flow, it was developed by the technological team of the DP World Group and allows you to monitor the shipment and arrival of orders in real time. At the same time, it allows customers to manage delays and the expectations of suppliers to whom the cargo is intended and, consequently, minimize the resulting financial losses.
  • Africa’s trading environment and infrastructure are modernising as fast as the opportunities are presenting themselves.
  • Dubai Ports in Tanzania seeks to transform trade in Africa partly through investing heavily in the digital infrastructure to help Africa keep up with demand.
  • DP World also rolled in tools to reduce container vessel waiting times at some ports from five days to a matter of hours, which is particularly valuable for traders of perishable goods, and those taking advantage of the enormous e-commerce market in Africa

Have you ever asked yourself “why is Africa important to the world?”

Africa is important because the continent is rich in natural resources ranging from arable land, water, oil, natural gas, minerals, forests and wildlife. The continent also holds a huge proportion of the world’s natural resources, both renewables and non-renewables. But that is not the only reasons, the continent is important today because of its contribution …

DP World

DP World, the leading provider of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics has continued with its focus to expand its services in Africa.

Last month, the company launched the first dedicated container train service connecting Maputo and Harare, Zimbabwe. This is key to its vision to connect several countries in Southern Africa – namely Maputo with South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland – by rail.

The new offering presents a multitude of new business opportunities for customers in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Better transit times

The service offers significantly better transit times for customers in Zimbabwe. In the past, transit goods on their way to Harare would often have to be transported far greater distances by sea and road, but this route will give customers a new, direct, and faster option for delivery.

Following the launch of the bi-weekly rail service, DP World Maputo will continue to work with all the stakeholders …