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An analytical telemedicine system is provided by MediLiVes; the system aims to reduce the time and money required for medical tests.

MediLiVes is a forward-thinking project that provides telemedicine solutions that are one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge.

One of the fields experiencing the most rapid expansion worldwide is telemedicine, which is built on technology that allows for a patient’s health status to be monitored from a distance.…

Kenya has been a host of many disruptive technologies in recent years. In fact, disruptive technologies have created thousands of jobs and raking in millions of shillings in the country as well as around the world. A few years ago, there were no digital taxis, no AirBnBand definitely no MYDAWA.

MYDAWA is an e-health platform that enables consumers to conveniently purchase authentic medicines and wellness products through the app/web portal. The country has come a long way in medicine dispensing from the over the counter to a more progressive digital acquisition of quality medicine guided by strict and solid prescription.

The Kenyan incorporated company with Irish roots has been performing well in the market with an annual turnover of USD 7.4m.

The company uses registered Pharmaceutical Technologists (Pharmtechs) to deliver medicines which is also a huge step towards reducing Medication non-adherence which is a rising epidemic where people do not …