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The accelerator accepts applications from innovative enterprises that are aligned with Kenya’s Big Four agenda and Italian excellence in Agri-food, Fashion and design, Leather, Machinery and equipment

Kenyan entrepreneurs stand a chance of building their business through an accelerator programme managed in Kenya with cooperation with Italian business.  The E4Impact Accelerator which works with Kenyan businesses, so as to support their growth, increase their revenues, guide them toward profitability and Give them partnership access to Italian businesses.

The E4Impact programme funded by the Italian Agency for Development Co-operation aims to boost the number of entrepreneurs in Kenya through exchanging ideas with their Italian counterparts.

Candidates for the Accelerator could be formal or informal, registered or to be registered in Kenya.

They will be expected to possess an innovative product/service, show post-revenue (scale-up) with existing customer base, have a team of co-founders in place with complementary skills and a clear social …