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By 2023, the value of Africa’s legal cannabis market could be at least US$7.1bn across nine key African countries if they legalize recreational and medical use, according to The African Cannabis Report from industry analysts Prohibition Partners. Worldwide, the Covid-19 lockdown period saw record-breaking sales of cannabis in multiple regions. Global sales of CBD (an active cannabis ingredient frequently used as a natural remedy), medical cannabis, and adult-use (recreational) cannabis topped US$37.4bn in 2021, and could rise to US$102bn by 2026, says the firm.

According to African Business, natural and situational advantages have attracted investor interest in Southern Africa. In mid-March, Akanda, a London-headquartered firm that owns the Bophelo Bioscience & Wellness cultivation campus in Lesotho, announced the completion of its initial public offering of 4m shares on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

Cannabis Business Africa, in an article published as far as February 13, 2021, said SilverLeaf Investments is aiming …

Ndovu Cofounders Radhika Bhachu and Ro Nyangeri.
  • Data by the World Bank reveals that at least a quarter of the African population has internet access, a nearly fifty-fold increase in internet usage since 2000. 
  • The rapid spread of the internet across the African continent has been lauded as a key driver of prosperity and a sign of the continent’s technological coming of age. 

Over the past few years, the wealth management industry has seen a significant amount of diversification, from traditionally having products geared towards institutional investors and high net worth individuals to offering more accessible products to low and middle-income earners. 

While WealthTech is not a new concept in Africa, there is room for market players to leverage consumer demand for wealth management products that are more digitally accessible and easy to use. 

WealthTech or wealth management technology is the combining of technology such as AI, big data, SaaS, with financial assets, such as savings, investments,