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Kenya's Green Jobs Potential
  • Kenya’s Green Jobs Potential will be key in  preserving the country’s natural heritage and combating the challenges posed by climate change.
  • PS Labour and Skills Development Shadrack Mwadime warned that the transition to green economy has far reaching implications for the world of work
  • Green jobs are becoming a crucial driver of sustainable development in Kenya,

Stakeholders in the environment conservation sectors are deliberating on ways to unlock Kenya’s potential as a global hub for digital work and green jobs. The government, jointly with Jacob’s Ladder Africa, International Labour Organisation, United Nations Environment Programme and United Nations Children’s Fund, are in talks in Nairobi to align government priorities with the demands of the green job market.

Kenya National Green Jobs and Skills Development Workshop, brings together stakeholders from government, academia, private sector, finance, and youth-led groups to address the critical need for green jobs and skills development in …